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Before & After (3x21)

One of those stories which involve alternate reality. This time, it is a Kes vehicle.

Kes is nine years old and at the end of her Ocampan lifespan. The Doctor has subjected her to an experimental process which involves her being placed into a biotemporal chamber in order to extend her life. The result causes her to experience periods of her life backwards.

The episode initially takes place about 8-1/2 years into Voyager's trip through the Delta Quadrant. Captain Janeway and B'Elanna Torres were killed during the Year of Hell, leaving Chakotay as ship's captain. Tom Paris married Kes, Harry Kim married Kes' daughter Linnis, and they have a son called Andrew. Neelix is a security officer. The Doctor has hair, goes by the name Dr. Van Gogh, and appears to have access to the entire ship without a mobile emitter.

As Kes moves further and further down her timeline, she naturally becomes younger, but is also taken more seriously when she tries to alert the Doctor and her family of the situation. As efforts are made to resolve her regression, she takes more information with her to the next time jump, until she comes to our present.

It had been determined that during the Krenim attack (launching the Year of Hell) she experienced just prior, Kes had become irradiated by one of their chronoton torpedoes. With the correct frequency of that particular torpedo acquired, Doc places her into a biotemporal chamber and proceeds to purge her of the radiation.


Retrospect (4x17)

When Seven of Nine experiences anxiety during a routine checkup, the Doctor utilizes psychoanalytical enhancements to his programming in order to determine the source of her distress. During a memory recall exercise, memories surface involving an alien with which Janeway is negotiating for arms.

The Doctor sides with Seven and her belief that at one point during a demonstration, the alien restrained her, ran tests, and extracted nanoprobes. He presents a convincing argument to the captain. This distresses the alien, who - by all intents and purposes - sees his career as over just by having been accused.

Evidence which renders the scenario inconclusive comes too late, and the Doctor is overwhelmed with remorse over the death over a possibly innocent man. He requests of the captain to have his autonomy algorythms deleted. His request is denied.

The final sequence marks what will be the first of many Doc/Janeway heart-to-hearts, no doubt a result of Kes' absence.


Living Witness (4x23)

This is an interesting alternate reality story and a fan favorite, not only to Doc's fans, but Voyager's fans as a whole.

It is 700 years after Voyager passed through that area of space, and Quarren - the curator of a museum devoted to that tumultuous moment of his planet's history - comes across a backup module containing a copy of the Doctor. Each experiences a revelation: Quarren realizes that the Doctor isn't an android as history suggests, and the Doctor realizes his friends are long gone.

So much is unclear about events which led to a strained peace between the planet's two races, only that the warship Voyager and its murderous crew was the cause of great suffering, and serious charges are sure to be brought against its sole survivor.

The Doctor is determined to set the record straight over what actually happened at the time. But his appearance and the new scenario threaten to destroy what little civility exists.

Directed by Tuvok actor Tim Russ.


Timeless (5x6)

The 100th episode of Voyager and another alternate timeline story.

The crew utilizes Slipstream technology in an attempt to make one big jump to the Alpha Quadrant. Due to a phase variance detected in simulations, Chakotay and Harry Kim are ahead of the ship in the Delta Flyer. Kim transmits data back to Voyager which fails to compensate for the phase variance; Voyager leaves the slipstream and crashes, killing everyone on board.

For the next fifteen years, Chakotay and Kim go to any lengths to obtain unauthorized equipment and the Delta Flyer. They locate Voyager on an icy planet at the edge of the Alpha Quadrant. Seven of Nine's body (frozen and preserved) is retrieved, and the Doctor is reactivated. The idea is for the Doctor to extract Seven's Borg interplexing beacon so that Kim can transmit new phase corrections to the Seven of Nine 15 years ago shortly before the disaster occured.

However, the small foursome (Chakotay's girlfriend is helping out) are being pursued by Captain Geordi La Forge, both for theft and endangering the existence of the timeline. It's down to the wire till the very end.

Directed by LeVar Burton


Nothing Human (5x8)

When an injured alien attaches itself to B'Elanna Torres, the Doctor seeks a specialist in exobiology. From Voyager's medical database, he constructs a holographic representation of Crell Moset. The Doctor is impressed with Moset's expertise and pleasant demeanor, and is tempted to keep the Cardassian on as a consultant.

As it turns out, Moset was responsible for experimenting on and killing many Bajorans during the war. Maquis crewmen object to the hologram, and B'Elanna doesn't want to be treated by Moset or with any techniques which were developed at the cost of lives.

The Doctor is persuaded to look past Moset's hospitable persona. What he sees for ethics leaves something to be desired, despite the conditions under which the Cardassian had to function in wartimes. (this theme is reiterated at the command level in that season's two-part cliffhanger Equinox)


Warhead (5x25)

(or: How Harry Kim Started Worrying and Learned to Counsel the Bomb)

A distress signal during Ensign Kim's night shift leads Voyager to a deserted planet save a projectile embedded into rock. The Doctor translates that it isn't aware of what it is, and that it's terrified. Against Kim's better judgement and Starfleet protocol, the Doctor convinces the projectile to be beamed aboard. It turns out to be a sentient missile. This revelation comes too late as it regains its memory, takes over the Doctor's matrix, and holds the ship's crew in its grip of terror.

It's up to Harry to convince the bomb to reconsider its objective.


Homage to a unique character



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