In May 2001, we will lose the most unique character ever conceived for a Trek series. Even if Voyager's writers don't have something ominous and tragic in store for the Doctor by the end (and I have a terrible feeling they have. They've rarely shown reverence for their characters, despite fan feedback), not being able to marvel at his next misadventure, his next lesson in humility, will create a deep void in my gut. Somehow, the prospect of settling for reruns does little to comfort me. And I've got it good: UPN network's "Five Flights a Week" in the USA barely touches a fraction of Voyager's first-run markets.

I just don't want to see the Doctor's quest end. He above all deserves a happily ever after. If he does make it to the Alpha Quadrant without adverse consequences, then his life will have just begun. I want to be there to see it... some format. Even if it's a continuing series of novels « Please, ··looks up·· make it a respectable set of authors, who don't attribute Doc with absurd physiological phenomena to satisfy some personal, libidinous quirk. Pleeeeeeeez I beg of you... » at least it'll be something...

...Of course, recurring appearances of Doc in assorted Star Trek storylines by Robert Picardo would be met by fans all over with welcome arms. But much as I enjoy Picardo's perfomance (you can see I'm really holding back here), I respect the man enough not to wish him into Typecast Hell. And you know what they say: The years are not kind to Vulcans, androids, and holograms. Even so, I'd allow for artistic license just to see Doc pop up whenever and however down the line.

When UPN went into full swing with its "Final Season" ad campaign in September of 2000, it hit home for me. Then came that realization that something tragic might befall him. I created this site in the hopes of keeping his spirit alive, a homage to a marvelous character and the achievement of an exceptional actor.

I only hope I've done right by the both of them.

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