EMH log entry: No stardate available. Here I am, stranded on Terra in the early part of the twenty-first century. Voyager is somewhere in orbit without a doctor.

The mobile emitter has sustained minor damage. It does its job just fine; after all, I am here to write this. But its signal is out of phase. The crew has thus far been unable to locate and deliver me from a primitive inevitability. The thought of that incompetent Paris in charge of my sickbay is most disconcerting. There are days I am thankful to be incapable of nausea. I'd most certainly have sustained a chronic ulcer or worse by now.

I went to what the Terrans in this region refer to as a "public library." They have recently entered their Internet Age. Communications took a major step at this time, and its wide accessibility might be just what the doctor ordered.

There was no problem obtaining this "website" without legitimate Internet access. It might be possible to download some of the exposures stored in my imager. If so, then I may have the means to generate an amusing site; I would embed a message for the Away Team using special tags. If there is any chance that they are still looking for me, they are sure to run into an Internet-worthy computer from which to procure information.

As I manage to obtain compatible data, which I can feed into this quaint public library computer, the "website" will take form. It all depends on my resources and when I can reserve them for my purposes.

Onward to look for a means to extract the exposures from my imager to place here. I am almost certain this will work. I can only hope.

Doctor signing off for now.




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