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The Voyager Doctor's Key Moments


Galactic Entertainment Online: Robert Picardo A simple page with a thorough biography of the actor who portrays me on Star Trek: Voyager.

Sci Fi Web Channel: Realplayer Interview of Picardo Forty minutes with a madman. They thought Einstein was insane, too. It's not every day that an actor is not only this articulate, but this actively involved in his own character's development.

The Official Robert Picardo Homepage
For a good time, click "Interviews."

Enough about Picardo. Love that Doc is about me and my infamous love life. The fanfiction section was unsettling (aren't they all?), but can I help it if women love the way I handle a hypospray? I'd better keep knowledge of this website from Paris, or I'll never get to blackmail him into taking my shift during shore leave.

I, Holodoc is an in-depth study of the history and histrionics that make us the holographic doctors that we are. Features articles, essays, artwork, and role play logs, most of which revolve around a possible futuristic scenario, in which we EMH's win Federation citizenship.

Banai's Zimmerisms Page Someone not only realized I had a pseudo family name (my programmer's surname is "Zimmerman"), but they also had the presence of mind to recognize me as the wittiest member of the Voyager crew. They started compiling sound bytes. They have some catching up to do though.

The Voyager Fiction Exhibition: Choose Your Own Adventure Stories area of this site is extremely amusing. You select a member of the crew, then proceed to create your own story as them by making decisions at key points in the narrative. There's also a Voyager style Mad Libs area.

The Official Jeri Lynn Ryan Homepage This lovely and talented actress portrays Seven of Nine on the series. To play Seven, you'd have to be
both lovely and talented.

The Official Roxann Dawson Website Even a doctor needs a doctor, and Lieutenant Torres happens to be mine. On Terra, she is played by a brilliant actress for which this site is named. Not only does Ms. Dawson have an impressive history performing on stage and screen, she's also done a wonderful job as director for a couple of Star Trek Voyager episodes. And writes books too? We might have to crown this lady Queen of All Media.

StarTrek.com I would imagine Terrans can get information more reliably here. After all, it helps to go right to the source. This answered a lot of questions my first day here. Here you'll find another impressive archive of interviews.

The Leonard Series A trilogy of stories featuring a certain talking iguana.

My Pets (For wont of a better name) offers action, suspense, and romance - all performed by action figures.

Simulated Star Trek Voyager The next best thing to being here. An RPG whose cast consists of some of the web's finest fan fiction writers. Archives are updated monthly for public viewing (they work on a closed set).

The Metropolitan Opera If I had access to some of the local currency, this would have been a high priority during my stay. (It occurs to me that in my position, I don't even earn credits. I should discuss this with the captain.)

Overlooked Acronyms Mine are superior. So why can't anyone else see what should be obvious? This page is updated periodically.

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The holographic doctor's EMH Journal

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