The ST Voyager Holographic Doctor Desktop Theme.

Windows users can now DOCTOR UP their desktop. Set in a therapeutic color scheme, this theme package comes with amusing and memorable sound events, cool icons (which resemble those things near and dear to any self-respecting EMH), an animated cursor which will send your blood pumping, and other puns I can't think of right now...

Simply unzip the files with a Windows-based extraction utility (Winzip) into the themes subfolder "ST Voyager Doctor" sans quotes. If you aren't PC savvy, follow easy instructions in the accompanying doc-readme-1st file.

(Note: If you find that those color squares with text under your desktop icons are distracting, then also consider downloading "Transparent" below)

Download Theme

Give Your Icon Captions Transparent Backgrounds

Double-click this small file, and the color squares of text beneath icons will become text without backgrounds. Great little utility, especially for people with cluttered desktops.

(If for any reason you change your mind, just reselect the desired theme from your theme browser, and the settings will revert)




for Dec 23, 
for December 23rd, 2000

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