Mine's the one in green. My acronyms are always the best. When I refrained from submitting phrases containing pathological terminology, I started to get votes. It just goes to show that one should never do material over the heads of your peers. Restraint has landed me a spot on a team (as you can see, we're all DR's).

Old habits die hard. Here, it is obvious that I still had my mind in sickbay. My voting habits are fairly predictable as well. But that still does not deter the fact that my acronym should have won the round. It was a stroke of pure genius. Instead, it received no more votes than "Amelia Aerhardt." I just heard Paris in the other room mention to Torres that my so-called obsession with acronyms is worse than my singing. He doesn't realize that I can hear every word he says. Well, have I got some surprises awaiting him.



Science is usually my best category, but who can compete with such irrefutable logic? Obviously I can't. (And to think: I almost voted for the atoms one)



This one wasn't my fault. The category was "What is your favorite part of housework?" Mister Paris is usually on duty here in sickbay when I am busy with a match. The biobeds were empty, and he was looking over my shoulder at the time. Paris professed to know what "housework" was, and attempted to show off his knowledge of hip jargon. Apparently "Pepsi" was very popular, and people often poured it on their lawns. He couldn't understand why nobody voted for it.



This wasn't mine, either. The round topic was "Wizard of Oz." Paris made up for the Pepsi one with this winner. He then proceeded to distract me for the duration of the match with incessant ravings over the cinematic adaptation of some juvenile fiction. He insists that I remind him of one of the story's main characters; I'll just take his word for it.



How did this happen? Acronym gaming has to be by far the most psychologically elusive pasttime I have ever encountered.



Mine should have won. Look at it: the epitome of perfection. I showed this screen capture to Seven, and she agreed. Sure it got votes, but I feel it deserved a landslide victory. (Frankly, I don't think even the one I voted for came close)



These people scare me.



When the bottom acronym won the round, a full seven minutes had passed before Mister Neelix entered Sickbay and brought to my attention how my mouth hung unnaturally ajar. I just couldn't believe I lost to some absurd medical faux pas. Looking at this capture now, I also cannot believe I voted the way I had. Wait. Now I recall. It was because "Incontinence" was spelled correctly.



Topic: Star Trek characters... ...and I got no votes for my exquisitely crafted offering. There's a distinct possibility that I could have acroed above the heads of my fellow players. If the "Dingalingons" one had won any votes, the experience might have thrown my memory into a fatal cascade failure. It's bad enough nobody thought to do an acronym about me.



There's a first time for everything: I've never lost with a Pavlov acronym before.



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