The Voyager Doctor's Key Moments

The Gift (4x2)

A turning point for the Doctor, when Kes must leave the ship in order to prevent its molecular destabilization.

Some advantages to employing artificial intelligences (AI's) are their attention to detail and endurance. However, these qualities don't carry over too well socially or conversationally. AI's are incapable of discerning overkill in themselves, and we see a brief example of this occur in this episode. The Doctor cheerfully explains to Seven of Nine how her immune system is starting to kick in. He would have been content to extol the virtues of her natural functions indefinitely, when his simulated tongue was stayed by one of the Captain's patented death stares.

As the series progresses, we will see him win notoriety for overkill. This setback in the development of the Doctor's social nuances may be attributed to Kes' departure. Without her there as a sounding board - to share his interests and to guide him through the finer points of tactful behavior - he is on his own to negotiate an area he is incapable of judging. His output becomes directed to the crew as a whole.


Revulsion (4x5)

The Doctor meets another hologram (other than those on Voyager's holodecks) for the first time. However, it won't be the first time he'll realize that just because other holograms are like him, that doesn't mean other holograms are like him.


Message in a Bottle (4x14)

SERIES MILESTONE ALERT!!! He's certainly come a long way from the first season, when the Captain took a chance and sent a medical hologram into the holodeck on a non-medical away mission. She now sends the Doctor's program through a Hirogen sensor net to the Alpha Quadrant, with the hopes that he can alert Starfleet of their status.

Thanks to our favorite EMH, the Alpha Quadrant becomes aware of their plight, and Starfleet subsequently engages in efforts such as the Pathfinder Project to determine a means to get the crew of Voyager home faster.

No doubt his having rescued a prototype Starfleet vessel with the aid of its resident EMH Mark II (an inferior upgrade) must have made some impression as well (why isn't he more well known in the AQ for this? This had to have been big news).


Prey (4x16)

The Doctor takes charge of teaching Seven of Nine the social graces.


One (4x25)

The Doctor takes command of the ship for a month while the crew is in stasis (was this forgotten in Season 6's "Tinker, Tenor, Doctor, Spy"?).




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