The Voyager Doctor's Key Moments

The Basics pt. 2 (3x1)

In which we the viewer actually witness Doc thinking like a regular person. Also, he skillfully selects to behave as he had upon first activation to trick old nemesis Seska into believing he's just a program. The contrast makes us realize how far he's come already.


The Swarm (3x4)

This superb B-Plot more than makes up for the ordinary A-Plot. The Doctor is facing a cascade failure of his memory from having been active for over two years. With the aid of a holographic Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, a technique is devised to remedy the degradation. Noteworthy points:

  • We see the Doctor pursue a hobby for the first time: opera.

  • The affect of his deteriorating memory bears an uncanny resemblance to a human condition called Alzheimers.


Future's End pt. 2 (3x9)

MILESTONE ALERT! Doc gets his mobile emitter, a 29th century device capable of storing his massive program and projecting him on the spot. He can now choose to exist apart from the ship's holoprojection systems.


Macrocosm (3x12)

Doc's first away mission off Voyager.

Unfortunately, he brings back a mutated virus via the transporter system. It multiplies and unleashes an army of giant organisms, which incapacitate the crew.


Darkling (3x18)

In an early episode called "The Cloud," Doc quips sarcastically: "Now there's an interesting concept: a hologram who programs himself..." In this episode, he tries just that. It doesn't turn out too good.

In an effort to improve his bedside manner, the Doctor adds behavioral subroutines culled from holographic reproductions of historical figures, only to include their adverse personality quirks. The result is a Jekyll & Hyde battle over his matrix.


Real Life (3x22)

MAJOR MILESTONE ALERT!!! The A-Plot focuses on the Doctor learning about family life on the holodeck. His holofamily is too picture perfect, so B'Elanna offers to add some random elements into the program to bring more reality to the experience. What starts out as blissfully whimsical becomes aggravating and then tragic.

By the end of this episode, the Doctor has reached humanity. From this point on, his development in the series becomes a matter of behavioral fine-tuning, reckoning with whatever remaining influence may be left of his programming, and learning to deal with those things which befall us humans.

Name number three: Kenneth.




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