The Voyager Doctor's Key Moments

Projections - (2x3)

The Doctor has an existential dilemma over whether he is a holographic projection, or a real man trapped in the midst of a malfuctioning holodeck simulation. This episode establishes for us the viewer that he possesses both a conscience and a soul (not to mention one heck of an imagination).

There is further suggestion that the Doctor thinks like a person, when - instead of running a self-diagnostic or some 24th century equivalent of Scandisk - the malfunction results in an elaborate hallucination.

Directed by Jonathan Frakes


Twisted - (2x6)

An ordinary episode overall, where we see the Doctor for the first time taking part in a social gathering as bartender in Sandrine's for Kes' second birthday.

The real milestone in this is fleeting but significant: as Kes stands frightened, worrying about Neelix, Doc impulsively gives her a parental hug. Their relationship in the series is an unusual one, which shifts constantly as each plays the other's mentor / surrogate parent over the course of the show's first three seasons.



Tattoo - (2x9)

In which the Doctor learns compassion. To prove that people don't need to be comforted during a time of illness, Doc programs himself with the flu and steadfastly endures the miserable symptoms... until they last longer than he had intended.

The A-Plot, which focuses on Chakotay's origins, is pretty good too.

This episode also establishes that Doc now chooses to use "Please state the nature of the medical emergency" as his greeting protocol.


Lifesigns - (2x19)

MAJOR MILESTONE EPISODE ALERT! The Doctor falls in love when someone he treats showers him with gratitude and attention. You can almost see the moment when he changes from a program enhanced by personality subroutines into a person with computer enhancements.

Many firsts here:

  • For the first time, the Doctor sees himself as a person and writes his inaugural personal log.

  • For the first time, he goes to Tom Paris for romantic advice.

  • This may be the fifth episode he's been kissed in the series thus far, but it's the first time the Doctor actually initiates some of it.

  • For the first time, he's had upgrades made to his programming in the form of personality subroutines (for dancing and sex).

  • It is suggested that once Denara Pel's mind has been returned to her natural body, he would pursue a sexual relationship with her.

This episode also establishes that even for the Doctor, love is blind:
he actually likes being called Schmullus.


Innocence - (2x22)

In a token sequence of this Tuvok vehicle, we see that the Doctor - with the help of Kes - has begun to work on improving his social and diplomatic skills. His motivation is enthusiasm laced with wavering confidence, and results in one of my personal favorite Doc zingers: "We don't always receive such distinguished guests here - unless there's been some sort of accident."


The Thaw - (2x23)

Putting those newfound diplomatic skills to work, the Doctor enters a virtual reality program in an attempt to negotiate with the computerized incarnation of fear to release its hostages.

A warning that people who have viewed this episode either love it or hate it. If you ask me, it all depends on how you feel about 1960's camp. I think it's a real trip.




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