EMH log entry: This is a perfect example of the expression, "almost doesn't count."

A message arrived in my Yahoo mailbox. I thought to myself: "They've found me. The Captain saw my referring to her in the familiar, and Tuvok is eager to ask me to take down his jpeg." It was Paramount Pictures. They stated that I had to put their copyright disclaimers somewhere on this website if I wanted to mention "Star Trek" or post pictures of their characters. I had to accommodate them. After all, this is their empire here. Somehow, I don't think I could claim coincidence. I have this terrible feeling that I will be down here for a long, long, time.

I asked the blushing librarian what people do for fun on computers. Predictably, she recommended an online game which involved literary prowess. A group of people in a virtual room compete to create the best acronyms over a series of rounds. I didn't do too well at first. Actually, I thought I did brilliantly, but nobody voted for my acronyms. Then, a nurse entered the room I was in and started voting for all of my answers. Someone with a sugary cute name messaged me in private and asked very personal questions and told me her age. I told her I was only twelve. She (I assume it was a woman) apologized and left the room. Imagine if I had told her the truth, that I turned six last week.

I'll have to say that the recreational experience overall was quite amusing. On the Internet, nobody cares if you're a human, a Klingon, an android, or a hologram. They pat you on the back when you win. They laugh when you tell a good joke. I learned that people online hit the "L," "O," and "L" when they think something is funny. I didn't know why they did that at first, and I assumed there was a glitch in the graphics card in my computer. Until a real twelve year old wandered in and asked what it meant, then inundated the room with lines of gibberish.

The library is closing.

Doctor signing off for now.